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Necessity and layout of dust proof system for baler Nov 10, 2017

Necessity and layout of dust proof system for baler

In the process of packing, the packer may produce dust or waste crumbs, once it enters the baler, it will affect its use effect, and even will damage the parts of the packer. So it is necessary to protect the baler with a dust proof system.

Packing machine includes a pipeline, packing device, adsorption device and a conveying device and other components of the ordinary, which is connected with the cutting table of pipeline material outlet connection, and the other end is connected with the packing device, adsorption device installation and packing device and one end is connected with the pipe through the conveying device is arranged on the lower packing device.

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The dust removing device is installed inside the packing device, which comprises at least one nozzle, and the spray head is installed in the installation cavity, and the nozzle corresponds with the pressing cavity. With such dust control system, it can effectively avoid dust interference in the packaging process, and the whole has the advantages of high packaging efficiency and high product quality.

In addition to dust removal device, packing machine is also provided with a machine frame, cylinder, extrusion control box and oil supply device, valve plate, installation in the front side of the lower end of the frame, it can be through the lock rod and the lock to achieve double screw locking, and double screw in the lock frame on the side wall of the same side of the hinge with a swing rod.


The front end is hinged with a connecting rod in this position, it can drive the frame after pulling plate installed side swing; and the frame surface of the locking bar below the valve and the valve is installed on the side of the relative position and a proximity switch, the connecting rod is mounted on the back of a frame of the proximity switch, the output end is connected with the control box relay module. According to the structure design, the packer can realize automatic control and complete the packing operation.

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