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The composition of the hydraulic pressboard packer and the applicable baler material Dec 12, 2017

The composition of the hydraulic pressboard packer and the applicable baler material

Hydraulic cardboard baler machine is not only a pack of common equipment, but also a more welcome by the product models, good quality based on reasonable market price, the hydraulic baler machine is widely used in paperboard packaging paper, kraft paper, cardboard and other waste.

In simple terms, the hydraulic cardboard baler is mainly composed of compression cylinder, compression chamber, hydraulic system, electrical system, safety operation system, automatic package system, anti rebound device and so on. It has a large size of feeding, and it can be more convenient for the operator to easily feed.


At the same time, the hydraulic pressboard packer also has advanced brand motor, hydraulic system and electrical system, which is stable, safe and reliable. The hydraulic pressboard packer includes the different types of pressure devices for customers to choose and meet the requirements of different customers.

Hydraulic baler board mainly through the rotation of the motor, hydraulic oil from the hydraulic tank inside, and through the reversing valve of the oil cylinder driving operation, the material extruded into a compact package, strapping package, complete baler of all kinds of waste paper.

In addition to like kraft paper, waste paper, cardboard, cartons and other kinds of cardboard, cardboard baler machine can be used for hydraulic baling press, magazines, waste cotton, non-woven fabrics, plastic bottles, clothes and other materials, equipment, chemical industry, medicine has become a daily chemical, hardware, machinery, packaging and recycling industries such as ideal baler equipment.