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Unique function and fineness adjustment method of mini metal crusher Nov 17, 2017

Unique function and fineness adjustment method of mini metal crusher

Mini metal crusher is a special equipment for crushing small metal objects. Although it is small in size, it is also full of five viscera. First, a rolling device is designed inside the mini metal crusher to pre press the metal so as to save the crushing time of the material in the crushing chamber.

For the mini metal crusher, the installation of rolling device is combined with the needs of the market and users to design, because it can not only improve the efficiency of grinding, but also reduce the damage to the motor, and can extend the life of the host. After the mini metal crusher powder, the material will fall directly on the conveyor, in the delivery of the magnetic separation device, you can carry on the inside of the metal and aluminum sorting.


This kind of mini metal crusher is automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic sorting and other functions, which saves a lot of economic expenses for users, and can meet the needs of users more, and make the mini metal crusher develop towards green, humane and automatic.

As a new type of crushing equipment, the mini metal crusher can make the scrap metal smash in the crushing chamber, the whole grinding process is simple and the efficiency is high. Only because of the limited capacity, so a small amount of metal plate crushing, if the demand is large, you can choose other types of metal crusher.


Mini metal crusher yield and fineness according to the proportion of different material are different, among them, its fineness can be adjusted in the range of 30--500; after adjusting the fineness of material, can be matched with the host machine corresponding to the size of mini metal grinder.

Some mini metal crusher also equipped with air volume regulator, can adjust the air volume size, usually speaking of large air volume, low fineness, small air volume, high fineness, adjust to the ideal fineness, can start continuous production. In order to adjust the fineness accurately, there is a fineness analyzer inside the equipment. Only after the bolts on the analyzer are loosened, the fineness can be adjusted by upward or downward movement. In this way, the material grinding and fineness control can be better.