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Metal Shredder Development And Application Oct 26, 2017

Metal crusher as one of the effective means of recycling scrap metal in the social development and technological innovation has been a good development and application for the scrap metal recycling market stability and prosperity play an important role. Scrap metal is an essential raw material for metal smelting. Metal Shredder Mainly including scrap, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, waste zinc and so on. From the investigation of scrap metal recycling station is not difficult to see which accounted for more than 90% of scrap. Metal Shredder Scrap metal from the metallurgical enterprises in the production process of waste metal, social life generated by the waste metal materials. These scrap metals are a resource and environmental resource. According to the statistics, scrap, for example, recycling 1 ton of scrap steel, can be about 0.8 tons of steel, iron ore 2 to 3 tons, saving 1 ton of coke, Metal Shredder and greatly reduce emissions, waste water, waste emissions. Direct steelmaking with scrap is 60% less energy saving and 40% water saving compared to steelmaking.

 1, scrap metal recycling is still the main way to oxygen, the processing of large metal firmware has not yet reached the efficient production methods, resulting in the overall industry capacity of the lower the serious waste of resources for the development of scrap metal recycling market to bring high costs Adverse effects of low efficiency.

2, after the completion of broken through the iron, magnetic drum, Metal Shredder dry election machine, electromagnet on the ferrous metal magnetic separation, from the yard waste with a larger site, the surrounding pollution heavier, colored small metal can not be sorted in waste come out. 3, Metal Shredder the use of scrap metal technology is not high, the recycling rate is not high, the relevant industry equipment is lagging behind the typical characteristics of waste steel in the proportion of total demand for steel is not high.

4, scrap metal as a steel furnace charge is the main recycling channels, but by the current rough processing equipment technology, dismantling capacity constraints, Metal Shredder can not be refined into the furnace, a large number of scrap metal in the scrap metal recycling station hoarding, The surrounding environment is polluted and stained. The collection of scrap metal can not be all timely processing, long piling is generally imagined that plastic embedded in metal can not be recycled in time, fine particle size non-ferrous metal is wrapped in waste plastics forgotten and abandoned.

5, from the current metal crusher market to see the use of automated operation experience in the overall performance is still weak, a large number of scrap metal after crushing through the magnetic separator to achieve the separation of magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials, Metal Shredder but not effective Magnetic materials contained in the various plastics and impurities to be separated.