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Aupu launched oil drum shredder Nov 28, 2017

Aupu launched a unique drum mill excels many

As the main product of Aupu machinery, oil mill certainly has its unique advantages, its application can be achieved through proper handling of oil, this can increase the utilization rate of materials, on the other hand can also reduce damage to the environment.

The disposal of waste oil barrels is of course the recovery position, but it is not easy to recover because of the large amount of paint covered on the surface of the oil barrel. By breaking the oil barrel produced by Wuxi Aupu machine, it can easily crush and remove the waste oil barrel, and can fully meet the standard of reuse.


In order to iron particles in the separation of metal material and aluminum particles, oil mill usually configured with a conveying device, and the transport and magnetic material is to be made one, after the oil conveying device, metal crusher can be treated by aluminum and iron in metal separation.

Optimized design, some oil drum grinder solves the shortcomings of the old paint bucket grinder blade, because it uses special designed spindle and cutter head, because the cutter plate is very durable, so it doesn't need to be replaced, it only needs to add knife on the cutter head. ,

It is understood that the oil mill also equipped with fan and collector two device, so that the metal material after crushing in the dust collector and fan are separated and discharged impurities and paint; a crushing cavity and placement of a special equipment that is the lining board made of metal materials grinding out very clean, ensure a little impurity and paint things are not.

In addition, Aupu's oil drum grinder can effectively control the thickness of the material, so long as the clearance is precise, the distance between the cutter and the liner can be controlled. After testing, the fineness of the pieces of metal crushed by the oil barrel pulverizer can reach less than one millimeter. So in general, Aupu's oil barrel shredder has the advantages of advanced technology, strong maneuverability, easy to use, wide application and so on.