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baling and baling process of professional wool baling machine Dec 26, 2017

baling and baling process of professional wool baling machine

Professional wool baling machine is of course to pack the wool, of course, all the other light bulb, loose material baling can also use it to specific, may be related to cotton, wool, waste paper, waste bin, waste paper, yarn, tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted fabric, linen, wool, sack, hair ball, cocoon, silk, hops, wheat grass, wood, plastic bags etc..


Have a professional machinery like wool baling machine such baling materials or equipment, can greatly reduce the waste transportation costs, so it has become an essential part of textile enterprises, cotton areas, supermarkets, waste materials recycling industry, garment factory and other light industrial enterprise production tools.

The professional wool packer mainly includes several parts, such as oil cylinder, distributor, gear pump, rack and so on. The rack parts are usually welded by channel steel. Because the rack is mainly used to fix the oil cylinder, it must be able to bear the weight of the cylinder when making, so we must consider the comprehensive factors such as pressure, quality and the whole effect.


The professional wool baling machine is a box, the size can be customized according to requirements in a certain range, in order to reduce the influence of pressure dispersion baling forming effect, or affect the production efficiency, must be the box size control in the reasonable scope.

When baling machine of professional wool materials required for packaging, be prepared to baling wire and Baupib; and then open the door and the left and right sides before and after the door, the wrapping cloth in the end row, and then close all the doors, the doors on both sides of the pillar, the top wicket in prison; in the case of baling to professional wool feeding only need to pay attention to feeding, uniform and smooth can complete the package smoothly.