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Basic structure and selling reasons of horizontal truck tire baler Apr 19, 2018

When the truck tire packer is structured, there are two types of horizontal and vertical types. What is the reason for the sales situation or the horizontal truck tire baler? As a matter of fact, the light truck price of the vertical truck tire baler is cheaper than the horizontal one. But why is it the opposite?


After comparison, first of all, the horizontal truck tire baler has a larger package type than the vertical packing machine, which is faster and cost-effective. In fact, the horizontal truck tire packing machine is more compact than the vertical packing machine, and is convenient for transportation; and the horizontal truck tire baler is different from the vertical packing machine. The horizontal truck tire baler is suitable for large quantities of scattered articles such as wastepaper, while vertical can only pack small items.


To observe the waste tire recycling station, the amount of truck tires is greater than some small amount of waste, which is also a small reason for the quantity of the horizontal truck tire packing machine to order more than the vertical packing machine. Thereby reducing the waste of resources and realizing the rational recycling of waste tires.


Truck tire baler is a mechanical and electrical integration product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, loading system and power system. The whole process is composed of pressure packs, return trips, suitcases, rotating boxes, upturn of packages, downloading and downloading, and auxiliary time.


The lead frame of the truck tire baler is composed of 4 sets of traverse devices installed on a frame, and the whole lead frame hangs on a central shaft of the compression frame. Under the action of the hydraulic motor, the relative pressure frame is moving horizontally, the compression frame is the welding component, the bottom is equipped with wheels, and the horizontal movement can be done along the main sliding rail under the hydraulic cylinder.


The lifting platform of truck tire baler is mainly composed of two horizontal beams. It can move up and down along the vertical direction under the promotion of 2 hydraulic cylinders. The pressing frame is basically similar to the structure of the pressing frame, but it has 4 baling heads and a set of wire feeding devices. Besides, there is a complete set of hydraulic stations besides the mechanical components of the truck tire baler. All kinds of movements of the machine depend on the power of the fluid.