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Contribution of automatic waste paper baling machine to environmental protection Jan 11, 2018

Contribution of automatic waste paper baling machine to environmental protection

The emergence of automatic waste paper baler is very important for the development of environmental protection. Therefore, we need to do environmental friendly automatic waste paper baler, so will it affect the environment? What is the unique side of the composition of the automatic waste paper baling machine?


Because of the main source of wood pulp from natural forests, the large consumption of paper not only caused the sharp decrease of forest area, but also caused serious pollution to rivers and lakes due to the production of pulp waste water. Even in the advocacy of environmental conservation, the amount of waste paper recycling is still very huge.

In the paper a serious lack of resources of domestic papermaking industry, automatic baler can make the waste paper as a renewable resource to use, can make the paper industry to achieve a virtuous cycle of resources - production - consumption - renewable resources, not only can reduce unnecessary waste, but also to avoid the occurrence of contamination.


With the increasing market of the waste paper baling machine and the rising of technology, the function of the automatic waste paper baling machine is also constantly upgrading. As the two core components of the automatic waste paper packer, the rational selection of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is very important for improving the efficiency of the system, ensuring the reliable work of the waste paper packer, reducing the energy consumption and reducing the noise.

The hydraulic pump is the power component of oil hydraulic system to automatic baler provides certain flow and pressure, it is an indispensable component of each core of the hydraulic system, a reasonable choice of hydraulic pump for reducing energy consumption, automatic paper baling machine hydraulic system to improve system efficiency, reduce noise, improve work performance and ensure the reliability of the system the work has a positive role.

So when we choose the automatic waste paper baler, we must pay attention to the two important components. Their quality is the foundation to ensure the operation of the equipment, and it can also provide a better effect for the good development of the waste paper processing industry.