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Details to be concerned about the operation of heavy baling shears Jan 02, 2018

Details to be concerned about the operation of heavy baling shears

Heavy packaging and cutting machine as a kind of important equipment in the package, note the use of the details of the process there are still a lot of, for example, said that under normal circumstances, in the absence of system through learning and did not understand the machine structure, properties and operation norms, is not move heavy baling shearing machine.


Secondly, each lubricating position in the heavy baling shears should be regularly injected into the lubricating oil in accordance with the requirements, so as to maintain good lubricity. When adding hydraulic oil into the tank, strict use of high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil must be strictly filtered, and enough oil should be kept frequently. When it is insufficient, oil should be immediately added.


Heavy baling shearing machine oil tank should be cleaned every six months and the replacement of the new oil once, but for the first time to clean the oil filter can not be more than a month, with new oil once through strict filtration allowed again, this can make full use of materials, but also can reduce unnecessary waste.

During the operation or baling process, the heavy duty baling shears should not be repaired or touched by hand, nor is it necessary to press materials in the bin with hands or feet. If the pump, valve, pressure gauge and other accessories of the heavy duty baling machine are to be adjusted, the experienced technicians must be carried out.

In short, when using heavy duty baling and shearing machine, we must pay more attention to the above listed points, which is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of failures. At the same time, it can also make the materials meet the requirements in the heavy baling shear.