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How practical is the kitchen waste shredder? Apr 21, 2018

As people living standard continuously improve and enhance, many of the families in the home appliance product begins to be high-end, refinement, kitchen waste shredder is such a specially designed for handling the kitchen garbage and crushing equipment, it also began to spread in people's life, which has brought the convenience. So is the kitchen garbage crusher really working?


Usually we will install the kitchen waste shredder xiancai basins in family kitchen drain, can easily will vegetable dish tail, sex kitchen waste food leftovers, shattered the back into the sewer, realized the effective processing of kitchen waste, reduce the pollution of the environment.


The importance of the kitchen as the focus of the house is increasing, not just the simple running space. Home builders point out that consumers need kitchens that are comfortable, easy and easy to maintain. In all the bedroom, the confidence that is clean to the kitchen will increase the bedroom of the owner is relaxed, comfortable feeling. The application of kitchen garbage crusher can perfect this effect better.


Kitchen waste shredder not only eliminates the dirty kitchen floor and corridor of the dirty rubbish bins and drip bag, reducing sent to landfills or incineration of food waste and waste plastic bags, to achieve the effect of environmental protection, eliminate the special requirements of food residue treatment. And there is no debris, no stink, no bugs, less chores, such as sending garbage, disinfecting garbage cans and so on.


In addition, the advantage of the kitchen waste shredder is that it can be kept clean, because the food waste processor eliminates the main source of bacteria in the kitchen. And industry expert thinks, use kitchen garbage crusher is very reliable, in the maintenance period machine rarely needs repair, its service life is very long also.


In fact, the average amount of water used in the kitchen waste is 3.1 liters per person per day or 0.04% for household use. A 0.55 horsepower kitchen garbage crusher consumes an average of 100 watts of electricity per month, which is a very low cost.