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How should the wool baler be adjusted after purchase? Jan 02, 2018

How should the wool baler be adjusted after purchase?

The wool baler is responsible for the packing of all light and loose materials, and there are many similar materials in life and work, so that wool balers are gradually popularized in textile enterprises, supermarkets, garment factories, waste materials recycling industry and other light industrial enterprises.IMG_2873_1.jpg

After purchasing wool balers, they can't be put into operation immediately, and have to be adjusted reasonably, so that their technical parameters can meet the packing requirements of the corresponding materials. The packing machine that customers choose when buying the baler is different, so the adjustment way of the baler is different.


If the purchase is the semi automatic wool packing machine, then the semi automatic packing machine using packing belt is the traditional sandwich material and recycled materials and very thick, so pack can according to customer requirements packaging schedule and belt length, basically do not need to adjust the direct use.

But if the buy is full automatic packing wool machine, then use the packing quality and packaged with hardness and inclination are relatively high, in this case to be sent with the situation according to the appropriate adjustments with the force sent to send with time, but also adjust the size with the volume of storage.

If the purchase is full automatic unmanned wool packing machine, then not only need to adjust the photoelectric switch packaging machine position; and the width of the belt and the junction temperature, and permanent strapping and elastic belt feeding length should be adjusted.