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How to design the mechanical shear shaft and the debugging and operation of the machine Nov 17, 2017

How to design the mechanical shear shaft and the debugging and operation of the machine?

The shaft is one of the most important parts in the mechanical shearing machine. Its design will directly affect the performance of the whole mechanical shearing machine, so it must be designed according to the relevant standards and requirements to ensure the rationality of the shaft. So what are the basic requirements for the design of mechanical shear shaft? How did it go?

Considering the special mechanical shear work, in the design of the shaft, the shaft parts must not only have a relatively accurate position, and the parts under load is reliably fixed at a predetermined position, to maintain good stability; at the same time, shaft design should satisfy for processing and convenient device requirements; in addition, also fell as much as possible to reduce the mechanical shearing machine load, stress concentration.


When the design of the mechanical shear plate shaft meets the requirements of layout, strength, stiffness and vibration stability, it can start processing. The first step is to select the material and heat treatment mode of the shaft according to the actual load and working condition of the mechanical shearing machine, and the second step is to complete the geometric design of the shaft so as to satisfy the application requirements.

In addition to complete mechanical cutting plate machine design and production, will be installed in the corresponding position, and the mechanical shearing machine for debugging operation on this basis in order to ensure the normal operation of mechanical shears, if debugging is not in place will affect the machining precision and quality of the.


At the beginning of the mechanical commissioning shears, first of all to do the preparatory work, including the use of pumps to add hydraulic oil tank provides grades of liquid, the oil liquid is added to liquid level gauge reached the highest position; and in accordance with the principle of hydraulic pressure will handle the hydraulic components to correct opening and closing position on the lock.

After the completion of the work, start the mechanical shears machine, but to ensure that the motor rotation direction is correct; then start the electric pump air revolution minutes, then the system pressure can gradually adjust to the machine, pending requirements. When the mechanical shearing machine system pressure oil output is normal, adjust the control parameters of the control element can be.