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How will the service life of a car crusher be extended? Mar 23, 2018

How will the service life of a car crusher be extended?

In the car crusher products, different models correspond to different output, and are more corresponding to the material that comes out. Therefore, no matter what kind of crusher equipment is from production to every component selection, production should take the best consideration, which is the judgement and selection that a manufacturer should have.

Only when meeting the above requirements, can the car crusher meet the needs of different people to the greatest extent and reduce the cost of frequent replacement of crusher. In order to prolong the service life of the car crusher, it is necessary to strictly check whether the installation of the components of the machine meets the requirements and the bolts are loose before it is started.


The most important thing is to pull the belt of the car crusher to test several times, whether it can touch other phenomena, such as shell and so on. At the same time, look at the direction of rotation, and strictly prohibit the materials to be smashed with it are flammable and explosive products, so as to avoid accidents.

Give the car broken when feeding machine should pay attention to the uniform stability, to prevent blockage of equipment caused by the overload of the motor, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; in addition, you also need to check the car crusher parts for wear, broken, so as to avoid damage to the main parts of his, and take necessary precautions against fire the condition of safety operation.


When the car crusher high-speed operation, in addition to the right should be installed firmly, the lubrication function should also be good enough, so that it can work normally, only in this way can make good use of the car crusher equipment life growth, of course premise is the quality of car crusher itself is.