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Main components and maintenance measures of rice straw baling power source May 22, 2018

Main components and maintenance measures of rice straw baling power source

The effect of straw baling machine is to pack and recycle the residual raw materials of rice straw. The mechanized structure system can effectively improve the efficiency of labor production, reduce the volume of raw materials to reduce the space consumption in transportation, thus improve labor efficiency and reduce the use of manpower and material resources.


The main power source in the whole straw packing machine is the hydraulic station, which can effectively provide pressure oil for each hydraulic cylinder, so the hydraulic station is divided into two parts of the hydraulic station of the main engine and the hydraulic station of the carrying car. The main engine hydraulic station can be divided into two oil tanks, the main fuel tank and the auxiliary oil tank, and the two oil tanks are connected by connecting pipes.

The two oil tanks are sealed and sealed. The effective storage is 2700L, and motors, pumps and valves are installed at the top of the tank. The auxiliary fuel tank is almost the same as the main oil tank, and the accumulating product is 2100L. The two parts of the motor box and the console form an electrical control device to monitor the working condition of the baler. At the same time, the control panel contains operation buttons and touch screens. The main circuit is in the electrical box, so the system is more reliable.

The main body of the rice straw baler is usually composed of a main frame, a frame with a frame structure and a plurality of executive energy devices. The function of the top pressure device is to compress the volume of the fiber material so that it is no longer loose and bundled into packages. The main oil cylinder is parallel to the two cylinders, and the two cylinder piston rod acts together to complete the function of compressing and packing.


Since all the pressure source of the straw baler comes from the hydraulic system it brings, then the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the packer is needed in daily use. First of all, the amount of oil specified in the preceding paragraph and the specified number should be in line with the temperature of the oil used should not exceed 50-70 degrees.

In the oil supply system: the new installation begins to use half a month to clean the crude oil; the 120-150 filter must be filtered to add the tank; the straw baler should pump all the hydraulic oil and clean the oil tank after 3 months of use; after three months of normal production, the oil is cleaned once in each production season.

When the overflow valve and unloading valve of the straw baling machine are adjusted, the stroke switch should take effective measures to prevent contact from others to avoid accidents; at the same time, the equipment must be overhauled and all the bearings should be replaced; the non operator must be able to handle the pressure of the compression operation.