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Measures to overcome the pressure energy loss of tire baler Nov 10, 2017

Measures to overcome the pressure energy loss of tire baler

Through continuous research and improvement, great progress has been made in the tire packing machine converts the mechanical energy of the pressure, but the energy loss is that some of the problems, this part of the problem is usually reaction in the packaging machine on the tire volume loss and mechanical loss, so that the processing efficiency of equipment is reduced.


In order to improve the machining efficiency of tire packing machine, the key is to make full use of the pressure, and to do this with you, the damage of the internal components of the system must first reduce the tire pressure of the baler, reduce power loss. The specific measures are to improve the pressure loss of the inner flow passage of the tire baler, and to use the integrated casting of the loop and the runner as much as possible to reduce the loss of the pipeline and to reduce the oil leakage.

The tire packing machine adopts static pressure technology, combined with new sealing material to reduce the friction loss, and eliminate the need to reduce the throttle loss tire packing machine, avoid the throttle to adjust the flow and pressure system. In addition, the performance of the hydraulic system of the baler is improved, and the loop system of the accumulator is used to regulate the performance.


Timely maintenance of hydraulic system of tire packing machine, is also a good practice, it can prevent the system influence the life and reliability of the hydraulic system of the sewage treatment and timely adjustment so as to avoid the loss of not pen.

In this way we can make the tire pressure in the packing machine can be fully utilized, so as to ensure the processing efficiency of the equipment, so that the tire packing machine converts the mechanical energy and pressure energy loss can be effectively controlled.

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