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Structure and application advantages of upgraded horizontal hay baler May 04, 2018

Structure and application advantages of upgraded horizontal hay baler

Among the existing technologies, the hay packer can be divided into two series of vertical and horizontal, of which the horizontal hay packer is widely used in the vast pasture, paper mill and other industries for its convenient movement and good stability. But in the existing technology, horizontal hay baler still needs some improvement.


Because the lower part of the frame of the traditional horizontal hay baler is a flat bottom, the traction wheel frame can not be rotated 360 degrees. The bearing support of the main drive shaft is mounted on the side box board on the upper part of the frame. The force condition is not reasonable. The cylinder type gear wheel in the compression mechanism is a hollow wheel and the crank and connecting rod mechanism of the compression mechanism is reciprocated. In addition, the instantaneous unbalance inertia force is produced; in addition, the distribution of the 8-10mm dedusting hole on the chassis of the chassis is not reasonable, and the bearing wheel of the lower wheel of the hammer head box is reciprocating.

After improvement, the horizontal hay packing machine is mainly composed of frame, transmission mechanism, compression mechanism, weeds mechanism, walking traction mechanism and so on. The main drive shaft bearing support is mounted on the I-beam on the frame. The cylindrical gear body in the compression mechanism is a solid wheel, and the walking traction mechanism is equipped with 360 degrees of rotation. The power rack can be equipped with an electric motor or a diesel engine for power.


In this way, the walking haulage mechanism of the horizontal hay packer can be rotated by 360 degrees, and the bearing support of the main drive shaft is mounted on the machine sorghum on the frame, so that the intersecting wheel on the main drive shaft is more balanced and the force structure is improved.

In the compression mechanism, the cylindrical gear body is changed to the body of the heart wheel, so that the unbalance intersecting force of the cylindrical gear is greatly reduced when it rotates. At the same time, in order to reduce the fatigue damage, the force hole of the cylindrical gear is connected to the crank connecting rod to 4, and it is convenient to replace the force hole regularly and reduce the fatigue damage of the cylindrical gear in the frame. The diameter of the dedusting hole is reduced to 6-8mm on the bottom plate, which reduces the resistance and reduces the noise when the bearing wheel of the hammer head wheel is reciprocating. At the same time, the strong reinforcement is added to the side plate of the frame, and the angle steel support is added to the fence to avoid the permanent deformation of the frame.

In order to facilitate assembly, the 2.5 axle of the lower axle of the hammer head box is changed to the whole shaft. At the same time, considering the inconvenience of power in some places, the installation location of the diesel engine is added to make the machine more diversified. In order to walk conveniently, the standard tire is used. In a word, the design of the horizontal hay baler is more reasonable, the service life of the machine is prolonged, the vibration is reduced, the noise is reduced, the power can be used, the diesel engine can be used, and the whole machine is easily traced. It is more suitable for practical use.