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The advantages of automobile crusher energy saving Nov 28, 2017

The advantages of automobile crusher energy saving

As one of the main products of Aupu, the advantages of automobile crusher in energy saving are particularly significant, which is closely related to its own design and configuration. Below we give a detailed introduction to the energy saving characteristics of the car crusher.

Compared with the similar equipment, the Aupu crusher is energy-efficient because it is equipped with advanced asynchronous motors at home. The advantages of this motor are high efficiency, energy saving and good starting performance. Therefore, when configuring the motor, we should consider the use of high efficiency and energy saving brand, and then consider other performance indicators according to the need, in order to save electricity.


Next is the selection of the rated capacity of the motor in the crusher, considering that it can not only meet the needs of the operation of the equipment, but also improve the efficiency of the motor as much as possible. In addition, the external fan in the motor is also changed to save energy type. At the same time, the new insulation material is also used to increase the section area of the wire, which can achieve the purpose of saving energy.

Car crushing machine energy-saving effect is not only related to the motor capacity and type, but also its speed and voltage are closely related, because the variable frequency and adjustable speed system, the processing speed can according to the actual operation situation is reasonable, reduce unnecessary waste of energy, the car crusher plays an important role in energy conservation.


When the motor crusher has light load when the asynchronous motor is loaded, it only needs to reduce the external power supply voltage, so energy saving can be realized easily. The parallel connection of the asynchronous motor and the right capacitor can compensate for reactive power, improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss, and effectively save energy.