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The effect of a disc rotor in a scrap crusher Dec 26, 2017

The effect of a disc rotor in a scrap crusher

For a scrap mill, the rotor is its core component. In order to enhance the crushing capacity of the equipment, the manufacturer designs it into a disk type structure. It seems that the disc rotor has many advantages for the scrap mill, which is reflected in the operation process and the effect of the crushing effect.


Disc type rotor grinder is composed of steel scrap between 13 steel disc and the disc with the free rotation of the 39 high manganese steel hammer and a plurality of isolating sleeve, and the hammer plate and spacer sleeve hole with square hole structure with the same spindle shape, thereby reliably prevent the hammer plate and spacer sleeve on the rotor operation in the process of turning wear.

At the ends of the main shaft of the scrap mill, it is supported by two large rolling bearings, and the bearings are lubricated with thin lubrication. When the rotor works, the hammer can also move around the circle, and its motion is smooth. Compared with the traditional structure and component configuration, the scrap steel mill has been able to deal with large density scrap since the disc rotor is used.


At the same time, scrap crusher can make the crushing material is not easy to enter the host, which is easy to take in the block feeding oblique mouth; because 39 hammer when it stood in an orderly manner, it is effective for the treatment of scrap; parts can also greatly reduce the consumption of grinding operation.

Because the protection plate is installed on the gap of the hammer head uniformly distributed along the circumference of the rotor of the scrap crusher, it can protect the hammer plate, improve the service life of the hammer plate, and also store energy for the flywheel, so as to improve the hammering and tearing ability of the hammer head to the scrap steel.