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The selection principle of scrap metal crusher and the function of each component May 04, 2018

The selection principle of scrap metal crusher and the function of each component

Nowadays, there are many types of scrap metal mill equipment, many of them are not clear about these kinds of miscellaneous machine equipment. It is very puzzling that they do not know what kind of machine equipment is the most suitable and often make the choice difficult.


According to the different production materials, the optimal configuration of scrap metal grinder in different conditions can make it better satisfy the crushing needs of materials. For example, to crush the waste cans and so on, you can choose a can pulverizer; to crush the paint bucket and so on, you need to choose a paint bucket shredder, want to waste the old bicycle, and so on, you need to choose a bicycle crusher, which is to achieve a better crushing effect.

So before choosing the scrap metal grinder, we need to understand the characteristics of the crushed material first, understand the shape of the crushing material, and then select the appropriate mill equipment, which is the basis of high efficiency production.

Since it is called a scrap metal grinder, the material it smashed mainly refers to metal materials, including scrap iron, scrap iron, scrap copper, waste paint and so on. The waste metal material can be processed into about 3-20 granules to meet the most basic processing requirements.


In the process of these daily scrap metal materials processing, the function of screen screen plays a decisive role. The finished material after processing is determined by sieve, that is to say the size of the sieve pore size determines the size of the finished metal, and the sieve can also separate the material of different size. Different types of witnessing meet different production needs.

The sieve mesh in the scrap metal grinder can remove the impurities in the material more, especially for the waste metal material, which contains more impurities, using the screen mesh can be very good to remove impurities, make the finished metal material higher, so that the waste metal crusher production quality is higher.

Similarly, the hammer is also an important part of the scrap metal grinder. The shape, size, arrangement and casting process of the hammer have an impact on the hammer, which is related to the crushing efficiency and product quality of the equipment. At present, more rectangular plate hammer is used, not only because its shape is relatively simple, but also easy to manufacture, and its versatility is very good.