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Use and characteristic advantage of truck tire baler Jan 03, 2018

Use and characteristic advantage of truck tire baler

The truck tire baler is a device that is used to recover and pack the waste tires of trucks. The final goal is to process the waste tires, and then after crushing and purifying, they become glue and powder particles, making them the raw materials for reusing steel balls and nylon fibers.


Because of the large tires and large area of the waste truck, it is difficult to collect the tires, which is used to compress the packing truck of the packed truck. Its compression chamber is 1500MM in length and 760MM in width, which can accommodate 100 waste automobile tires, and agricultural vehicles, trucks and truck tires.


The truck tire packing machine is mainly used for compression of automobile tires, small truck tires and large truck tires, usually a mass weight reached 1 tons, production reached 3 tons per hour, it used to solve many safety and environmental problems increasing waste tires produced by the package after the tire can be recovered again the use of rubber products and made new.

The truck tire packing machine adopts the double compression cylinder design, not only the compression force is large, but the compression is uniform; while equipment opened the front door and the back door, thus greatly facilitating the packed tire quickly from the compression chamber over the package out here; front and back doors are equipped with anti rebound device, can avoid the tire rapid rebound.

The truck tire packing machine equipped with advanced motor and manual valve, it is because of the good parts, to ensure the excellent quality; special as well as its plate linkage design, to avoid the problems of uneven feeding, ensure the service life of the machine.