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Where is the advantage of specialized production of wool baler machine? Jan 03, 2018

Where is the advantage of specialized production of wool baler machine?

Professional manufacturer of wool baler machine is mainly to pack and iron thin iron material applied to soft packaged fiber material in various industries, in particular to the material of cotton, linen, wool, clothing, cloth, towel, straw, straw, waste plastics, waste paper, has brought great convenience and considerable the economic benefits to the customer's material storage and transportation.


The production of wool baling machine manufacturers also reminds us that we must correctly use machine equipment, conscientiously implement maintenance system and strictly abide by safety operation rules, which is a necessary condition for prolonging machine life, improving production efficiency and ensuring safety in production.

Compared with other balers, the production of wool packers is driven by hydraulics, and manual operation or PLC automatic control can be done at the same time, and the way of baler is more flexible. Besides, the way of outsourcing includes flip bag, side push bag, push bag and manual bag. Not only that, the wool baler machine has a variety of models to be selected to meet the requirements of different pressure, size of the material box, the size and shape of the package.


The production of wool baler machine itself has good toughness and stability, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving equipment, basic engineering investment cost is low, is widely used in various types of plant, waste paper recycling companiesother units, recycle applicable scrap paper, plastic material of the old straw, the improvement of labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, reduce transportation costs of the equipment.

The production of wool baler machine that also applies to PP, PE waste plastic film, waste plastic film plastic film greenhouse film, PET plastic bottles, waste paper, waste paper, old clothes, carton is squeezed into a rectangular or square shape, reduce transportation costs, to achieve automatic operation.