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Advantages Of Pulverizer Jan 20, 2017

1, the use of medicines allows stainless steel material, meet the GMP requirements, process closed, no overflow of dust, without loss of material.

2, grinding temperature low--without cooling system in the continuous operation conditions, the production of powder temperature will never exceed 50 degrees. For customers with special requirements, we can configure the system, the minimum temperature can be reached lingxia35du.

3, to any fibrous, high toughness and high hardness and water content of certain materials are applicable; for pollen or spore plants require to break cell wall material, the broken rate is 95%

4, can be added to water, alcohol or some other liquid wet grinding, or access gas protective pieces.

5, grinding, 100% almost without loss.

Super Micro-mill of processing object adaptability strong, on more categories, and more varieties, characteristics different, difference is big of various medicine are can adapted; animal drug, and mineral drug, and toughness of, and brittle of, and high hardness of, and low hardness of, and containing fiber volume big of, and containing oil rate high of, and containing sugar volume high of and so on, in tie must of process measures Hou are can crushed to cell level micro-powder.