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Air Grinder Jan 20, 2017

Type, structure and working principle

Air grinder is the use of high speed gas flow (300-1200m/s) ejected, forming a sharp phase turbulent flow field for particle collision friction, grinding machine, or the inner wall collision, friction and cause particle crushing of Superfine grinding equipment. Superfine Jet mill in industrial applications is in the 1930 of the 20th century, after more than 60 years of improvement, has developed into a fairly mature technology of Superfine grinding.

Now widely used in industry are the main types: flat (horizontal discs) type air grinder, circular duct type (runway) jet mills, injection (reverse) flow mill, impact (targets) Jet mill, supersonic jet mill and reverse flow fluidized bed milling machines. Air grinder main shredding area around the nozzle, and far higher frequency of particle collisions between particle collisions with the walls, so the main air flow mill grinding role mainly to the impact of the collision between particles. Air grinder and other than crusher, has the following advantages:

(1) crush only depends on air flow high speed energy, units without specialized moving parts;

(2) gas adiabatic expansion to speed up, accompanied by cooling, particles impacting the temperature, but due to adiabatic expansion decreases the temperature, so throughout the process of grinding, the temperature of the material is not high, the heat-sensitive or crush is especially applicable to low melting point materials;

(3) crushed the main particle collisions, almost no contaminated materials, and particle surface is smooth, high purity, good dispersion.

Air current mills are widely used in chemical raw materials and non-metallic materials such as high-purity ultrafine grinding, product fineness up to 1-511m.

Many kinds of ultrafine mill, have different structures, respectively. Flat Jet mill

Flat Jet mill grinding Chamber is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, thus is used widely. The typical structure consists of crushing Chamber, orifice, outlet, air export, compressing air, classification and other components of the population.

That this mill in a crushing Chamber of the nozzle compressed air or steam jet stream, when the materials through the feeder into the grinding Chamber by high-speed air shear, strong impact and intense friction makes it Superfine particles smash into products. This air flow mill also has a characteristic according to the design the nozzle angle of Vortex flow generated by, not only meet the requirements of grinding, but due to the centrifugal force can achieve the purpose of grading can make Superfine product separation. Crushed product size determined by the placement of the machine nozzle angle, and by adjusting the feed volume approach to achieving simple control. Characteristics of the flat Jet mill are:

(1) is suitable for dry, brittle materials (moisture content is less than 3 write) Superfine crushing, impact velocity, it is easy to gain access to several μm particles;

(2) due to the crushing mechanism is mainly dependent on interactions between powder mill grinding, so the products are not contaminated by other substances, can obtain high-purity ultrafine powders

(3) depending on the nature of the material, matching the appropriate lining material (mainly around the crushing Chamber and inlet and outlet tube portion) which can solve hard materials (Mohs hardness no greater than 9) and a wall materials in grinding, brought about by the problem;

(4) the structure is simple, has no moving parts, except lining normal wear, other parts are not damaged;

(5) the entire process sealed, no dust

(6) low noise and no vibration;

(7) easy washable, do not need Foundation;

(8) can achieve large capacity continuous production, a high degree of automation.