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Discussion On The Principle Of Air Classifier, Operation, And Maintenance Jan 20, 2017

Ultra grading equipment, the main product is air classifier, so for us, mainly about was air classifier. Understanding based content from its beginning, starting from the most basic, can gradually, but also to lay the groundwork.

1. the principle of air classifier

In the presence of wind machines, material by feeding in the classifier. By centrifugal action, separating materials. After the separation, to meet the requirements of particles into the cyclone or a dust collector, then collected and does not meet the requirements of the particle, then separated again, until it meets the requirements.

2. characteristics of air classifier

(1) after separation, and to meet the requirements of item are rotated out, it is a good classifier for separation.

(2) grade points can be continuously adjusted, grading granularity up to 3 to 150 microns.

(3) air flow rate stability and control.

3. operation air classifier

(1) the equipment before starting, the joints, seals, as well as lines for check, everything checks out without problems to start running.

(2) shall be carried out according to the boot sequence boot operations. At 3 minutes before the shut down, stop feeding and then shutdown the order is contrary to the boot sequence.

(3) according to load size, to determine the amount of feed, to ensure that the host is under rated load.

(4) separation of fine particles, can be adjusted in order to adapt to the grading requirements.

(5) if it is to separate the heat-sensitive materials, the main motor power, slightly lower than the rated power.

(6) transmission line stroke size, can be achieved by adjusting the air damper fan.

(7) belt tensioner, you want to check in case of belt slipping.

4. maintenance of air classifier

(1) when cleaning the air classifier, motor and bearing seals must not touch the water.

(2) to replace the parts, or maintenance of equipment, to be carried out under de-energized, and hang up the warning labels.

(3) the bearing should be lubricated.

(4) general classification after 1500 hours ' work, it is necessary to add oil.