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Talk About The Mill Technology And Equipment Development Trend Jan 20, 2017

Crusher is a material into a fixed size of machinery, used in many mines, building materials and other industries. With the development of science and technology, continuous improvement of national economy, mill whether technology is in use, there is a great deal of change, on the bottom, small series and everybody say mill technology and equipment development trend.

The use of non-metallic minerals depends on the degree of processing mill, including Superfine pulverization, ultra-fine classification, fine purification and surface modification, effective deep processing of Super fine crushing is the prerequisite and guarantee. Therefore, the development of ultrafine grinding technology to a certain extent, determine the non-metallic mineral products of rational development and utilization of results. After several years, especially in the last ten years of research and development, and non-metallic minerals industry has made tremendous development, deep processing technology of continuous improvement, narrowing the gap with the developed countries, can meet their quality requirements of raw materials required for the industry and related fields.

Ultrafine grinding and classification technique was able to demand all kinds of non-metallic minerals powder processing 10~1 μ m of raw materials. Grinder ultrafine grinding and various types of equipment are capable of producing fine grading, equipment performance and matching technology is approached or reached international advanced level, and is new to some devices in terms of structural performance is unique. Technology of mill preparation of mineral raw materials for the automotive, pulp and paper, rubber, plastics, machinery, ceramics, electronics, specialty coatings, aerospace, composite materials provide functionality, such as non-metallic materials.