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Tyre Shredder Selection Of Raw Material Conditions Oct 25, 2017

Tire grinder implementation of waste tire recycling what?

Tire grinder is the use of waste tires using the physical method of recycling, without any pollution in the case, so that split into 30-200 head small particles, while the waste tires in the wire, fiber 100% separated from the waste tires Become the "black gold" of renewable resources. This waste tire grinder can also be used for waste rubber, tires, V-belt, waste rubber flash material and a variety of rubber products broken, crushed, sorting, granulation and other recycling.

After the waste tires are classified and processed, they are crushed at room temperature and are generally divided into coarse crushed and ground. This pulverizing method is mainly carried out by a groove roller or a groove roller pulverizer. In recent years, China's Henan British Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed into a disc mill and roller-type room temperature crushing method, can produce 5-200 mesh fine tire powder of the full set of equipment, marking China's powder industry equipment has made historic Of the breakthrough, reached the world leading level

How to maintain the use of waste tire grinder in order to facilitate the extension of its useful life

How to maintain the use of waste tire grinder equipment has been concerned about the issue, only to maintain the equipment in place to extend the service life of its equipment.

1, every day when the first start bearing the bearing filled with butter lubrication (screw 2 under the oil cup), add a small amount of material preheat for 5 minutes and then feeding kneading, in the process of running the machine at any time to add, to prevent oil off the state work.

2, reducer internal, the size of the drive gear and roller speed gears are added on the 2nd gear oil lubrication, the amount of oil to be able to contact the teeth is appropriate.

3, the reducer oil is generally changed every six months, usually check the oil and oil, distance device and safety rod device into the oil lubrication

Selection of raw materials for tire grinder should meet the following conditions:

(1) can handle various types of waste tires, used rubber, truck tires (radial tires and diagonal tires) as raw materials do not carry iron to ensure normal work.

(2) can not be greater than 1200 tire glue, to facilitate the processing of tire grinder, and through the subsequent treatment process (in the broken, broken, broken, grinding, etc.) to get enough water operations.

(3) British tire mill technology advanced production, novel structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, low daily operating costs.

(4) good equipment performance, to meet the rubber powder, rubber particles in the production process of the process requirements