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Industrial Shredder Machine High Security Shredder

Industrial shredder machine description Industrial shredder is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries a variety of small pieces, section of the strip, granular low-hardness materials crushing operation. Crushing fineness can be adjusted according to the screen and...

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Industrial shredder machine description

Industrial  shredder is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries a variety of small pieces, section of the strip, granular low-hardness materials crushing operation. Crushing fineness can be adjusted according to the screen and production requirements between 12-120 heads.

The industrial professional shredder utilizes the high-speed relative movement between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate, so that the crushed material can be crushed by the combination of the impact of the rod, the friction and the impact between the materials.

Features of high security shredder

1. Evenness: (finished product pass rate ≥ 98%), can be sifted smoothly;

2. High output: The series of the largest mass production can reach 2000Kg / h, according to customer needs can be tailor-made larger non-standard equipment to meet the production requirements of high-volume customers;

3 by the material properties of small restrictions: If suitable for crushing all kinds of whole grains, sugar, herbs, etc .;

4. Applicability: small test equipment can be configured 220V voltage, widely used in scientific research institutes, colleges and other units;

5 smash way: gear, hammer;

6. Material: all stainless steel, stainless steel access to materials;

7. Operating system: ordinary button, PLC touch screen;

8. Dust removal methods: simple dust removal, pulse dust removal;

9. The machine is equipped with a water circulation jacket to reduce the temperature in the chamber.


Operation and precautions of industrial waste shredder

1. Before use, first check all the fasteners are tightened, the belt is tightened.

2. The direction of the spindle must be in the direction of the arrow shown on the shield, as this will damage the machine and may result in personal injury.

3. Check the electrical integrity.

4. Check the machine crush indoor metal and other hard debris, or it will damage the tool, affecting the operation of the machine.

5. The material must be checked before crushing purity, not allowed to have metal hard debris mixed in order to avoid damage to the tool or cause combustion and other accidents.

6. The oil cup on the machine should always be injected with lubricating oil, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7. stop feeding before stopping, if not continue to use, to remove the machine residue.

8. Regularly check the tool with the screen is damaged, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.

9. Use the opportunity to experience a slight vibration, be sure to tighten the lid connection handle to prevent accidents.

Working principle

The industrial shredder utilizes the high-speed relative motion between movable gear and fixed gear to make the comminuted material get crushed by the combined effect of tooth impact, friction and impact between materials. The structure is simple, sturdy, smooth operation, crushing effect is good, crushed material can be directly discharged from the host mill cavity, the size of the sieve by changing the aperture of different access to obtain, while the machine is all stainless steel. All the inner walls of the casing are machined to smooth the surface, which changes the phenomenon that the inner wall of the former model is rough and the powder is accumulated, so that the production of medicines, foodstuffs and chemicals can better meet the national standards and meet the requirements of GMP. It is well received by customers in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries trust.


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A: Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on

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2. Q: why choose us?

A: Our company has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with a number of manufacturers. Our machine main core parts, use Germany Siemens motor, France Schneider electric, USA KK pressure gauge, USA parker valve, Germany Rexroth valve, Pikes high-pressure hose.. The integrity management has won the favor of the majority of customers. Our customers are across both at home and abroad.


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