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Four main points of safe operation and daily maintenance of scrap metal baling machine Jun 11, 2018

Four main points of safe operation and daily maintenance of scrap metal baling machine

Customers should pay more attention when purchasing any machinery and equipment and later use, especially large machines like scrap metal Baling Machines. In fact, every machine has some safe operation rules when we use it. There are four points in the scrap metal baler.

First, it is necessary to ensure that the material used to set up the scrap metal packing machine must be a scrap packing frame rod with defects such as deformation, crack and so on. The connectors and fasteners are strictly prohibited; and the fasteners of the packer shall not be repaired by welding.

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Secondly, the base ground of the scrap metal packing machine must be flat, rammed and hard. The scrap base plate must be flat and not have any deformation. The ground must be used to increase the force surface and increase the stability when the ground is soft. At the same time, scrap metal baling machines must be erected according to relevant standards and regulations, and no instability will be allowed no matter what height they are set up.

In addition, the springboard on scrap metal baler must be laid in neat shape, width and length should be kept consistent, except some special parts. The springboard of any scrap metal baler must be firmly fixed, and there should be no larger holes on the platform surface.

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In addition, the daily maintenance of scrap metal baler is also very important. We should make maintenance plan according to the frequency and working hours of the customers. But the basic content is similar, including each other to check the baling machine to lubricate each other, maintain the lubricating point according to the instructions of the scrap packing machine according to instructions; the hydraulic oil used by the packer, the amount of oil in the hydraulic tank and whether to supplement the hydraulic oil according to the observation level meter.

Also check the position of each pipe joint of the scrap metal packing machine, all the instruments, the sound of the operation is normal, and so on. If there is any abnormal, pay attention in time to ensure that the equipment always maintains a good stable working state and can successfully complete the corresponding packing work.