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Tyre Shredder Maintenance Of The Point Nov 02, 2017

Waste tire rubber powder equipment is one of the existing rubber recycling industry commonly used for making the tire rubber powder production line, its main meal equipment of bead wire separator, tire cutting machine and tire block into a unit. The tires after the thick powder are lumpy, about 10 to 30 cm in size. We put the tire block of materials through the rubber particles machine or rubber crusher for the second time, after again after the end of the rubber mill grinding to get what we need 10-100 purpose of scrap tire rubber powder. The rubber powder is widely used in rubber and rubber gaskets and has a lot of profit margins.

After we know the operation process of the rubber powder equipment of waste tire, we will introduce the work performance and characteristics of the tire grinder today. The principle is based on solid mechanics and other physical phenomena on objects, so that it is divided into smaller size particles, which are operated by a powder engineering unit. Features 1, low power consumption; 2. Handle at room temperature; 3. Process automation 4 high, all physical processes; 5. Total closed production without any pollution; 6. The equipment occupies a small area, and the unit area is efficient. 7. Stable performance, long life, easy maintenance and repair; 8. Completely separate fiber, silk, powder, and automatic grading packaging; 9. Activated rubber powder production line; Replacement of thousands of rubber products after reduction of natural rubber production.

Crusher is the use of physical methods of discarded tires, without any pollution, so that the split 30-200, the purpose of small particles and scrap tire steel wire, fiber separation of 100% of the waste tires renewable resources as "black gold". This can be used for waste tire mill polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and various rubber products, crushing, crushing, sorting and recycling granulation.

With the advancement of waste rubber recycling new policies, tire crusher crushing equipment and a series of modernization have been vigorously developed, a mechanical device to efficiently run for a long time, in addition to its own quality must pass, its maintenance is also very important.

Use the six point maintenance points that a tire grinder must know

1. Check the rotating parts of the tire mill before each shift, whether they are flexible, have abnormal noise, and the machine can be turned into production in 2~3 minutes.

2: the cutter parts of the equipment of the tire crusher are easy to be damaged, because wear is relatively large in use, so it needs to be maintained regularly, so that the service life of the cutter can be increased.

3: the tire will be blocked at the bottom of the pulverizer, and use wooden bars or bamboo strips to avoid the use of metal bars.

4: the bearing of the tire grinder should be injected with lubricating oil regularly, and the temperature of the bearing part shall not exceed 60 degrees.

5: before the tire grinder stops, the material should be stopped before the machine stops. After the material in the cylinder is packed, the machine will stop, remove the machine head, and re-install it after cleaning, so as to be used for work.

6. In order to make the motor not overload, it is recommended that the user install the current voltmeter and adjust the quantity and water content according to the ammeter