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The advantage of the use of the car baling machine and its notices May 04, 2018

The advantage of the use of the car baling machine and its notices

The auto packing machine realizes the automatic operation process, so it does not have to insert the belt manually, the working efficiency is high, the labor intensity is low, and the packing force is excellent, the failure is few, and the maintenance is convenient. All parts of the auto parts baler are precisely machined by computer numerical control machine tools, with high accuracy and long service life.


Facts have proved that the baling action of the automobile baler is gentle and durable, and the packaging function is perfect. After the packaging is finished, the motor will stop immediately and save electricity. At the time of the packer, the packing object is basically in the middle of the car packer. First, the right top body rises, the front end of the belt is pressed, the belt is tightened and bundled on the object. Then the left top body rises and presses the proper position of the lower band. The heating piece reaches into the middle of the two belt, the top knife rises, the strap is cut off, and finally the next binding band is taken. After the delivery is in place, a working cycle is completed.


A car packer is also a machine that uses a packing belt to wound the product or package, and then tightens and connects the ends through the heat effect melting or the use of the clasp material. The plastic belt can be attached to the surface of the bundled package to ensure that the package is not strapped and strapped in transport and storage, and should be tied up at the same time. Beautiful。

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the operation process of the car packer, it is necessary to confirm the power supply used by the machine before operation. It is generally three phase four wire system, and the flower line is grounding zero line for leakage protection. In the process of use, the operator must keep in mind that the head should not pass through the strip of the runway. Do not touch the heating film directly by hand; do not rinse the machine with water; do not change the parts on the machine at will.

If the car baling machine is not used, the belt in the storage tank will also be rolled back to the belt. The main parts should be lubricated often with oil, except with the roller surface; of course, do not forget to remove the power of the machine.