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What are the maintenance of the scrap metal baling shears? Jan 02, 2018

What are the maintenance of the scrap metal baling shears?

Scrap metal packaging and cutting machine is dedicated to processing scrap metal packaging equipment, in order to ensure the service life and use effect, regularly to check carefully it needs lubrication points, fuel tank, and according to the instructions of the lubrication point is insufficient, by 150 - 200 mesh metal net fill oil, according to the requirements the lubrication of each lubricating machine.


At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the trip limit switch of scrap metal baling and shearing machine is in the correct position. If not, it needs to be adjusted in time, and check other parts of scrap metal baling and shearing machine, such as the indication range of the instrument, whether the oil seal is normal or not.

After finishing the baling work, you need to clean up the debris in the scrap metal baling box and keep the equipment clean and tidy. Always pay attention to the heating and heating condition of the equipment running, if the abnormal heat of the motor bearing or the solenoid valve needs to be repaired or replaced.


Also, we cannot ignore the inspection of the oil filter in the scrap metal baling and shearing machine, see if it is blocked by impurities, if any, remove the parts and clean it in time, check whether the contactless switch is in the correct position, and make necessary adjustments when necessary.

In conclusion, we must conscientiously carry out the maintenance system of scrap metal baling and shearing machine, strictly abide by safety operation rules, which is a necessary condition to extend the service life of scrap metal baling and shearing machine, improve production efficiency and ensure safety in production.